Bachelor of Adult and Community Education (BACE)

3 years


The programme review was commissioned to evaluate the content, methodology and underlying philosophy of the current BACE program with a view to proposing amendments and adjustments to refine, enrich and refocus the program to respond to the emerging diverse demands, challenges and expectations of the global and local community.

The main purpose of the review was therefore to position BACE programme as a leading discipline in the training of professionals who have the requisite conviction and commitment to work with marginalized communities and individuals in learning situations that contribute towards the betterment and transformation of their lives.

The specific objectives of the review were to:

  • identify ways/strategies in which the BACE program can be made more accessible and flexible for instance by introducing a week-end program and/or external program;
  • consider the reports of external examiners on each of the courses so as to provide the requisite international benchmarking relevant to the program;
  • appropriately fit cross-cutting issues in the programme in line with the university recommendations for instance Gender, ICT, Communication Skills and Research Methods courses; and
  • refine the programme in a way that makes it responsive to the emerging socio-economic and political opportunities and challenges at all levels

Specifically, the programme review took into account the fact that since the last review was done in 2001, a lot of changes had taken place, necessitating a careful consideration of the following aspects:

The political economy of education and development, Mainstreaming Gender and ICT in all courses; Communication Skills in writing and speech; The labour market trends, Field attachment as an outlet for strengthening networking and linkages with various stakeholders; National resource creation, utilization and distribution.

Due attention was given to the current debates and issues emerging out of globalization and the complex knowledge society, that have become the hallmark of our daily life. The review therefore proceeded to propose new courses, adjust and/or drop existing courses on justifiable grounds.