Master in Adult and Community Education

In the past five years however, the demand for a Master’s Degree in Adult and Community Education has been building from the BACE graduates and others who work in environments that require professional training in Adult and Community Education.

Bachelor of Adult and Community Education (BACE)

The programme review was commissioned to evaluate the content, methodology and underlying philosophy of the current BACE program with a view to proposing amendments and adjustments to refine, enrich and refocus the program to respond to the emerging diverse demands, challenges and expectations of the global and local community.

Master of Education in Language and Literature

The programme is designed to produce a human resource that is obviously greatly lacking in the field of language education. This human resource is, in total, desired to make an impact in the development of language education policy and implementation by influencing debate and decisions for designing curricula and specific level as well as grade syllabuses, assessment practices, classroom teaching and instructional materials design and development.

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