Entrepreneurial Innovations Exhibitions

Entrepreneurial Innovations Exhibitions

The students from the Department of Adult and Community Education, CEES exhibited their own innovations on 20th May 2017 at Complex/CCE Gardens, none of the groups was a assigned a topic to present on but out of their creativity, students come up with ideas . The products ranged from beverages, pesticides, Packaging, health issues, fashion and design and extra. The theme of the exhibition was entrepreneurship in action.

The guest of honour, Dr. Nema Abooki, Associate Professor, the founding Dean, East African School for Higher Education Studies and Development, CEES thanked the facilitators, course coordinator, the media for coming to cover the event and participants for exhibiting the products.  The guest of honour stressed that one of the current issues in Uganda is unemployment and world over in general; pointed out that this exhibition is timely because it’s preparing students for life after university. He said that vocationalisation is important in Uganda’s education system so that when student get out of a university, they should be able start some work on their own without looking at being employed. Makerere has started to impart practical skills in student that the labour market is demanding. He was sure that the exhibition indicates that these students are going to create jobs for themselves after graduating and for the society. He called upon students to continue with innovation and told students to mind much about quality in every single task they do.

The Course instructor Mr. Watuleke Joseph gave the course overview (Entrepreneurship Skill Development and Micro Finance Management). He pointed out that the course has been taught for the last five years to students offering Bachelor of Adult and Community Education in the Department of Adult and community Education, School of Distance and Lifelong Learning, College of Education and External Studies. The department had to review the course unit to integrate entrepreneurial skills to equip students with employable practical skill as well as to meet the world challenging job market after realising the emphasis government was putting on entrepreneurship from primary to university level.

The course is intended to introduce students to the basics of entrepreneurship skills and micro finance management. In entrepreneurship skills, students are helped to understand that entrepreneurs are not born but made and by the end of the course, the student will have realised that they are better entrepreneurs. The course also helps a student to Identify business opportunities, ideas, and business plans, see what others don’t see and create a product, then convince the public that they products are better through exhibition like the one done on 20th may 2017. In the business management skill, students are equipped with concept of market research, Human resource skills and finance management, as well as overview of prominent business people in Uganda who act as motivators to students

The event come about after students going through several lectures,  were assigned a task to come up with  a business idea of their own, develop a business plan then go ahead with designing a product, package it in a video form with every step taken as well as carrying the raw materials and finished products to the exhibition

The course coordinator Mr. Karembe Ahimbisibwe gave an over view about the role of entrepreneurship skilling in skilled students. These skills are very important at this critical unemployment situation in the country. He thanked the course instructor Mr. Watuleke Joseph and the participants (student) for taking up the challenge and pointed out that many times lecturers leave most of what they lecture to students in the lecture theatre. He encouraged students to go ahead and start businesses using the entrepreneurial skills they have acquired to be able to survival after university and further stressed that even if they manage to acquire jobs after university they should not for forget to start up some business to supplement they earned income.

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Students show casing Jam made from a local plant


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