Partner Institutions

The College of Education and External Studies is affiliated to National and International Collaboration/Networks as indicated below

Ministry of Education and Sports,Uganda

Ministry of Information Communication Technologies,

Uganda National Curriculum and Development Centre,

Uganda National Council for Higher Education,

Uganda British Council

Kyambogo University

Uganda Management Institute

Kigali National Institute of Education

University of Addis Ababa,

Ethiopia University of Sierra Leone

University of Goteborgs,Sweden

Inter University Council for East Africa

South African Universities

University of Bergen,

Norway University College,

Norway Adger University College,

Norway Open University,

UK Kings College London

University of Montreal German Association of Adult Education (DVV)

University of London

University of KwaZulu-Natal,

South Africa University of Addis Ababa,

Ethiopia Queen's University,

Belfast Dambe University Krems,

Austria Kennesaw State University,

Georgia USA Stranmillis University College,

Northern Ireland Syracuse University,

USA University of Minnesota,

USA International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Education Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA)

Partnership for Higher Education (PHEA)


Uganda Adult Education Network

Uppingham seminars in Development (Upsem),

UK Adult and Non- formal Education Association of Ethiopia (ANFEAE)

Development Partnerships in Higher Education (DeIPHE)

Irish - African Partnership for Research Capacity Building (IAPRCB)

The Africa - Asia University Dialogue for Education Development (AA-Dialogue)