Requirements to qualify for an External Degree Programme

Who is eligible for Admission?
The Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL) targets the following groups of people: Admission Requirements
(a) B.Com. Either two principal passes at "A" level, one in Economics and one in Mathematics or one pricipal pass in either Mathematics or Economics

  • Or Uganda Diploma in Business Studies Or Uganda Diploma in Business Education
  • Or Higher Diploma in Marketing
  • Or ACCA, CPA, ICSA, CIM, C!MA, Diploma in Co­operatives
  • Or a pass in Makerere University mature age entry examination

(b) Bachelor of Education External. Grade five Diploma in Education or its equivalent from a recognised institution

(c) Bachelor of Science External

  • Direct entry: The applicant must have scored at least two principal passes in science subjects at Advanced level. Essential/relevant subjects will be the same as those of the internal B.Sc. program at Makerere University.
  • Mature age scheme: The applicant must pass the Mature Age University Examinations in science subjects.
  • Diploma Entry Scheme: The applicant must have obtained a second class and above diploma in a science-based discipline from a recognised institution. The accepted disciplinesinclude the following: Science Education, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Veterinary Science, Wildlife, Public Health, et cetera.